Lex Orandi

Well, this would be my very first post on a brand new page of my brand new blog. I’m not new to this, however I’m struck for words as to what to say. I’ll deal with a certainty that maybe 5-10 people might actually see this post.

This is an endeavour I’ve decided to take upon to familiarise myself with my own thoughts, and to contribute what I think I can to the world as it stands. Right now, exams are over and here I am leading into my last year of secondary school (high school). I am a Catholic, and have been so from cradle to calendar. This journal serves as a voice from those the likes of mine own thinking who are a bit surprised by the boldness my generation thinks it possesses. Its a sorry state of affairs that the popular morality of days gone past (not to mention the way I was raised) are slowly sinking into what the media culture would think is a grave, and the new era of “pan poly sexuality” and all this is coming to it’s dawn.

This blog also serves a personal chapter, so to write any thoughts or the ongoings around me. I hope one can find this a source of enlightenment, though I’m hardly as good a writer to keep one occupied for more than seven sentences. Now, God Bless and I’ll have a new post later.


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