With the exam season coming to an end (thank goodness), I find it very amusing to go shopping to see what sales are on and all that. I laugh at the “alternatives” and their “outrageous” fashion statements, the pink and neon-green tights or the yellow leather jumpers and striped shades. Not to group these people or categorise them, which is the exact thing I’m doing, but they’re all unaware at how un-individualistic they really are. Supposedly expressing themselves and their true spirit, to me and a great majority of people, they just look foolish.

That’s my opinion; not a single person in this world is obligated to take it as an unadulterated dogmatic statement. I only (well mostly only) see this in the city, not in my tiny village/town of 700 people. Of course this is apparently common in the urban sphere of influence and I’m happy to play no part in it. No, I don’t get up and put on the most comfortable track suit I can find. I personally tend to binge on ASOS and then the typical country wear: jumpers, collared button-ups, etc. This is the fashion where I live, and by writing down my viewpoints you can say I’m judgemental when it comes to what people wear and that’s a horrible way to be. This is the fault of this sinner, myself, who is inclined towards having people respect themselves. This is common in today’s media-era, where celebrities with their conventional wisdom and sense of style prevail over common sense and above that, modesty.

One day last month, a girl and a few boys were sent home from school because the girl had worn a spaghetti-strap shirt and the boys were wearing tank tops. A fuss was kicked up because according to the school these select few were “disrespecting themselves and providing a distraction and display of immodesty.”

You’s knock the kettle over at how fast the progressives at the University caught up with this, then a professor in ‘Social Justice’ was on the television saying that in the modern world the girls and boys could still respect themselves dressing as they please, even going so far as to say the bare minimum of underwear is a happy combination for school! Then Tumblr caught on and they had a field day. All over a school, rightfully sending home scantily-clad boys and girls for dressing below the requirements and dress code.

How sad is it that an institution funded by a public system that begins their constitution with “Recognising the supremacy of Almighty God” yet can teach their students that abstinence is ineffective and rubbers are the only solution? Then when they instill any sense of modesty (ie – doing something proper for once), all the world comes through to meet whoever instills a sense of self-respect.

Summer is hot, summer is humid, and summer is the season for shorts a t-shirts but one can still dress respectfully in a God-fearing way. We can dress as expensive or as economically as we please, but in the end we must remember that we are dust and unto dust we shalt return. Beyond the grave we cannot take out blazers and jumpers, our watches and loafers.

For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world. 1 John 2:16

We are human and this is a fallen world, as original sin took away out innocence and yet baptism restoreth, we are as of yet only human. Be custodians of your eyes. This is difficult for me, being a young person, and for you as well I’m sure. As Catholics and as Christians, our blessed Lord and his Blessed Mother, the saints and the angels are always at your side and have always an inclining ear. Tell them your sorrows, your sins, your difficulties and your joys. When you’re out on the go, drop into the confessional and restore grace to your soul. Remember always the God loves you, and that he sees your heart and your soul and judges you on your deeds and your faith. It is especially useful that all young people know that there is a loving God, ever accessible, ever good and always steadfast in love.

ImageSalve Regina, Mater Misericodiae!


One thought on “Modesty

  1. Very good tie in to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the love of God. We need His grace to help us to be modest because of love.

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