As of today, I’m finished my exams and I couldn’t be happier to celebrate tonight with my third bonfire this week. Third time’s the charm I suppose. Upcoming will be my last year, then I’ll branch off into University. I will do a year of general studies, as well as discern my possible vocation, but all in all I need to pass maths first and foremost.

Since the beginning, it’s been just uphill with regards to math and all the involved counterparts. Calculus, pre-calculus, algebra, geometry and trigonometry. It’s all Chinese to me, and Chinese I speak not.

I hope my merciful teacher will just push my grade up to a centre-on 50%. That’s all I need. I’ve retained an 80-85% average the whole year, which isn’t much I understand but it’s enough to keep me on good terms with university.

Keep in mind that I still think math is pointless. I’ll never use a quadratic equation, but I know I’ll use long division and multiplication. Depending on my vocation, I’ll need trigonometry and geometry. It depends on what I do afterwards, but is it not like asking a fish to climb a tree and judging it on the same scale as if a human was commanded the same?

History, English, Literature, Religion. I do well in all of these. Rarely do I struggle with these enjoyable subjects, yet it’ll be my inherent dyscalculia that holds me back. Please say a prayer for me, and I’ll be back later on.

St Dominic Savio, Ora pro Nobis!



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