Conditor alme Siderum

Were you ever young enough to remember believing the moon followed you around? I hope you were, for when I was younger and night fell, did I happen to be in a car or on a boat or whatever, I used to look up and count the stars. I noticed the stars would change here and there, at least I thought since the number of them appeared infinite and it was never known to me if I counted the same star thrice or left it out completely. However, the moon was always in the same spot at every angle and every new location. Sometimes the one I was with would, in his own way, point out that this was the great creation of God and it was there for us. Indeed this is one fond memory of my childhood I have, discovering and being told about the creator of the stars at night; conditor alme siderum.

ImageStars serve both a practical and spiritual purpose. Mary is the Star of the Sea, the ocean star. In particular my village has always had a strong devotion to Our Lady under this title and many communites in Newfoundland and Ireland, as well as a few sea-side villages in Wales, Scotland, and England have a similar patronage or devotion to the Queen of Heaven, the ocean Star. She has been called the “guide of the wanderer” and is the refuge of the sailors and sea-men who must brave the most tempest storms and winds.

Whatever the purpose, the night sky still looks as beautiful and lovely as it did when I was young and the more you realise how fortunate you are to be in a position where you can appreciate the common and small things, the more you WILL appreciate and notice the small things. That’s why I’m not going to fret over my math mark, which tomorrow I’ll find out. I’m not going to worry….I at least I’m saying that now haha.

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