On nerves and excuses

We will either accuse ourselves or excuse ourselves. – St John Marie Vianney

I woke up today a bag of nerves; today was my practical exam for driving. According to the instructor, I “nudged” a pole and so I failed my test automatically. Next one is on Monday, please say a prayer for me and do yourself a courtesy and keep off the roads.

I’ve got it all down pat but if it wasn’t for backing-up into a parking space, I’d be licensed as we speak. I specifically made sure nobody knew I was doing this today, other than two close friends, because if I didn’t get my licence there’d be no “awe, I’m sorry, you’ll do better next time!” or sympathetic ooh’s and ahh’s.

I’m still nervous and I was nervous the full day yesterday. How often, in states of panic, can I be mean to those much superior to myself. The quote above is something I need to memorise, for I’m but a sinner who has forgotten his empathy and sympathy. I’m that nervous that I can’t even think of much to say, all day I’ve been stuttering and talking overly fast and emphasising words that shouldn’t ever be emphasised.

One thought on “On nerves and excuses

  1. I will keep you in my prayers. I am almost 37 and I’ve never even had a driving lesson. I used to look down on motorists but now I regret my retardation and I intend (but dread) learning. Well done on grasping the nettle– especially in the middle of your exams!

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