Taking away what hasn’t been given

Happy St Peter and St Paul’s day, each and everyone of you.

A certain level of anxiety follows me today, as usual, but it’s nothing that cannot be overcome. Summer is coming to a start and there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go. Summer always begins this way in a state of luke-warm ability if I could call it that. Each day is warmer, however today we were blessed with the rain, drizzle and fog which is the default climate here, so I found it useless to stay inside and I had to be out walking around looking for things to do the entire day. That’s not what I did of course, instead I was invited to my grandmother’s for dinner and then after supper I went to another bonfire, something quite rare if you hadn’t caught on.

Spilling out the contents of my day as if they mattered is very important to me. I now realise it could’ve been better spent reading a book or going the Mall with friends, whatnot and who’s-what.

Stressing me out the the tenth degree is that in the past year, two of my first cousins on my father’s side have given birth to healthy, beautiful baby boys. The first to be born is now a year: Tom (not his real name, but his real name is a saint of the Dominican Order). The second was born two or three months ago and they named him Asher, because the mother has an interest in Pokemon, so she saw it fit to name the child after the protagonist (Ash) and add on the -er so as to allow people never to mistake him for a Wednesday.

I don’t have any problem with the name Asher. I do, however, have a problem that she named him after a boy in a Japanese cartoon that I’ve hardly ever watched/seen/played (whatever). Now, in the book of Genesis, we see the name “Asher” for the first time, and he is the son of Zilpah and Jacob. He is the origin of the “Tribe of Asher.” Upon learning this, my Grandmother dropped 95% of the opposition she felt against the name, but still does her best to never address him by his name. You’ve got to know her, it’s hilarious.

Both Tom and Asher are unbaptised. I would never say that side of my family is dysfunctional, irreligious, or whatever. Both mothers were raised as Catholics, went to Church and received all of the sacraments except marriage (another issue). Tom’s father was a Methodist but doesn’t believe in God and he calls the Church “a load of foolishness” (upon hearing this, my Grandmother told him where to go and gave him deadly details). His mother, however, is afraid to baptise Tom because of the father’s opinion.

Mother #2 fell away from the Church years ago, and is practically a pagan in her ways and beliefs. Reincarnations, occult, ouija boards, etc. She doesn’t think baptism is necessary.

They excuse that both of them gave to their mothers and my grandmother was that “they want HIM to chose what religion he wants to be.”

I don’t think it’s useful to attack them, say anything bad about them behind their back, or even have a spirit of spitefulness. It is much more useful for me to offer a sacrifice for them, say the Rosary, or remember them during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, for then God’s grace will be poured out on this family.

Perhaps I am getting too upset over this, but I thought it was common sense and that it was a parent’s Christian duty and the first act of love towards their child to have him baptised in the waters of the Holy Ghost. It is no trial, tribulation, harm nor sorrow to release your only flesh and blood from the chains of original sin that weigh down their souls and keep it from the light of Heaven. Second of all, if it is the child’s choice as to become a Catholic or an Apostolic Buddhist, how is that possible if there is no influence from his parents in regards to his decision, no example from those that brought him here, if no truth is revealed to him about the glory of God and the expectations of us to love one another and keep the commandments? The poor child will grow up without the faith of his Fathers.

I feel like the might be left in the barrens of a two-thousand mile hay field; one where no rain has fallen and the grass groweth pale. No map provided, neither compass nor guide, through absolutely through no fault of their own.

I hope I can help point to the Cross, to the truth of the Church. Not just myself, but my family will ensure they see the roses around the Blessed Virgin.

In a sense I can understand where they like to appear that they’re coming from. They want their son to have the freedom to do as he chooses with this life, but God knows in this world how often does that happen? True freedom is doing what on ought to do, when one ought to do it. Denying your child the life-giving waters of refreshment, that re-birth, the washing away of the sin of Adam and Eve, the restoration of purity to an innocent human being is in essence, denying him to freedom to enter into Heaven. He has been denied the freedom of God’s grace, though God will never abandon him, the catechism tells us that baptism is necessary to enter the kingdom of God.

Because of this bad decision, these spiritually misguided but otherwise loving and caring parents, two innocent youths have still been denied that indelible mark on their soul that shows their belonging to Christ. God has treasured these precious souls but I know that we cannot stand by and look with scorn. Our Lord, the saints, and the good Christians of ages gone by would have never of stood there and talked amongst themselves “my God, that’s shockin’, poor things not even Christened, tututut.” The saints would’ve prayed, using themselves as examples, taking the children by their hands and leading them towards the throne of God saying “Look, there is the one who made you and who loves you.”

Do not shame the parents. Pray for them. They will know that this was the wrong decision to make, but what use is it to talk without engaging them in conversation! We will discuss the importance of baptism and the sacraments with them. Through Our Lord, the hearts of these men and women will be opened and I know that they will hear the whispers of Almighty God in their souls. I am accountable for my actions, so they are as well.

The Devil is well at work in the world. Lift up your sword and proclaim the victor, who is Christ with his Queen at his side, who is Our Lady. The saints ever guarding.

I don’t know what to call this, whether it be a rant of some sort or just a long-drawn thought. However, please pray that these two may be baptised so that God’s will may be fulfilled. The Blessed Mother will ensure that His will is done: reach the heart of Jesus through Mary.



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