Mind your Motors

Thou art clothed with glory and beauty: every precious stone is thy
covering and thy clothing.
The brightness of the sun is upon thy head: the beauty of the moon is
beneath thy feet.

These are a few lines from the twenty-third psalm in the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I find the psalter is especially useful when one prays the Rosary, to meditate upon the glory of the Blessed Virgin, or any time the soul is stirred in love and admiration for the Mother of God.

pleinedegraceI forgot to mention that I did pass my practical test and I am a licensed driver, with a drivers licence. It is only through the prayers of the Blessed Virgin I was able to pass the parking part, because I’d back into the river before I’d back into a four sticks about four yards apart. My instructor was kind and he got in the car and said “Now don’t be nervous, I’ll tell ya what to do!”

The sweetest of angels appeared in the form of a uniformed, early-60’s year old gentleman who helped this poor soul, who wished to be flattened on the pavement than have to face another humiliating failure: parking his car without touching the sticks.

All is well that ends well, and overall I did perfect on the road driving test.


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