Steam in the Kettle

Today I took the highway again, bad idea. I also panicked at the beginning of a crossroads because I didn’t know when to turn, though maybe if I’d looked at the direction signs alongside the road it might’ve helped me.

Maybe I should make mental maps. The Church provides us a map for our lives, therefore I should provide myself with a personal map of favourite routes and easy ways to get hither and thither but God only knows if I’ll ever remember it, my memory is like the worst thing ever (you don’t even understand, it’s absolutely horrible).

I am getting more confident though and that’s the steam of the kettle as I’d like to say. As a younger individual I can certainly promise you that I am not the type to go down the road blasting Eminem like it’s what everyone wants to hear. I’m the little mouse going 45 maybe 50 km/h in a 60 zone, even when I’m listening to the Chieftains.



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