Sing! Sing! Sing!

It’s another beautiful day, but the humidity is enough to drown ya.

I’d just like you to take a moment and look over at Gregorian Chant Hymns which one might find particularly useful for their parish choir, schola, or if you need to practise pronunciation of Latin and reading square notation.

I found that the scans and typeset words taken with permission from St Cecilia’s Abbey, Solesmes Abbey, etc, is extremely helpful for putting in parish bulletins and service sheets. For an organist like myself, who could use practise reading square notation, I like the PDF scores that I can print out and use for accompaniment should the need arise. At your disposal are already made-up booklets for the Mass and for Benediction.

Now how grand is that? I wouldn’t usually write a post over the promotion of a page but I think it’s worth it. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank with all my heart the Irish Papist for his promotion a little while ago of my little blog.


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