Patience and Persecution

Last night, after being alone for two weeks straight, I had the pleasure and (frankly) the obligation to pick up my parents at the airport after their two-week holiday far off in exotic Florida, in the United States of America. Filled to the brim with souvenirs and sporting the finest and most fashionable tan-lines, they got through customs just fine and made their way over to me with big smiles to say “Hello, how are you, how long have ya been here, where’s the car, here’s our luggage, see our new hats” and I asked all the general “how was Disney” and all that foolishness. I’ve been there twice, once with school and once on a holiday. It was okay, I must admit it was very fine.

I was made fun of by one fella, noticing my accent he piped up “Gotta get me lucky charms hey?” I didn’t think it’d be fit to start a fight floating down the “Lazy River” with my school friends all around me, also I’m not one to fight because I’ve never been in a physical altercation in my life. I asked God for patience, and patience I was granted. I put my head back, closed my eyes, and floated.

I am human, as are we all. I wouldn’t imagine a Martian is reading this and if you are, hello, how do you do? As a person I’m generally calm, but in that moment I was filled with a “fire” of acrimony but I regained my composure and told myself that good will is more effective than ill will, and non-action in this case might be the best approach. That’s good to keep in mind; not that we should be non-active (that’d be ridiculous). Calmness, our composure, our outward actions and the sounds we make: we should check them often.

Sometimes I don’t know when to shut up, I’ll say the most oddest things and the wrong time. God gives us the witty people because Our Lord has a sense of humour, and wit can be the most effective way of getting someone to like you (GK Chesterton, Winston Churchill, John Crosbie, even the “deathbed converted” Oscar Wilde), or it can be an off-putting addition to ones personality. The key is knowing who to use it with, when to use it, and how to use it. (I’m off topic now.)

When I was in the river that day, being made fun of, I can now look back and understand that the boy who said it was just that: a boy. Loved, created, and made in the image of God. He says his things just as I say my things. It wasn’t right, but there it is. It’s really no big deal, the offence lasted no longer than 5 seconds and then it was over. Life goes on, we must learn to be like the saints and be patient and rely on God alone, with Our Lady and the saints to haul us through.

I’ll end on another completely different, but important, request. Please say a prayer for the persecuted “Nazarenes” of the Middle East. You’ll already know that there’s no longer any Christians left at Mosul, and a genocide has occurred. I haven’t noticed much coverage of this on the mainstream media, and there’s no surprise there. Please offer up your Communions, Rosaries, your sufferings and your fasting for the souls of those that have been killed and for the protection of those in hiding. The world will make Martyrs out of anyone.


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