God will not be silent

Flagellation-of-christ-_RubensWe shall be especially called on, my brethren, to consider His sufferings in the body, His seizure, His forced journeyings to and fro, His blows and wounds, His scourging, the crown of thorns, the nails, the Cross. They are all summed up in the Crucifix itself, as it meets our eyes; they are represented all at once on His sacred flesh, as it hangs up before us—and meditation is made easy by the spectacle. It is otherwise with the sufferings of His soul; they cannot be painted for us, nor can they even be duly investigated: they are beyond both sense and thought; and yet they anticipated His bodily sufferings. The agony, a pain of the soul, not of the body, was the first act of His tremendous sacrifice; “My soul is sorrowful even unto death,” He said; nay; if He suffered in the body, it really was in the soul, for the body did but convey the infliction on to that which was the true recipient and seat of the suffering. Bl John Cardinal Henry Newman

When I saw a video of ISIS blowing up the Church that held the body of St Jonah, I got a bit afraid but more than that, completely angry. I’m afraid because this is an ingredient into what appears to be the brew of anger and violence. The events surrounding Russia and the Ukrainian/Crimean affairs, the plane that has been shot down from Malaysia, along with the plane that was heading either to or from Algeria that crashed, and the conflict between Palestine and Israel, they all add up to an inevitable sum that happened in WWI and II, only this time it won’t be as much a European affair as a Middle Eastern one. With that said, it’s a world-wide affair regardless. The radio told me yesterday that the “Islamic State” as they so prefer to be called has ordered all girls and women around Iraq’s northern city to be “Circumcised” in other words, genitally mutilated.

Sure I’m shocked! Not only over the genocide and the conflict but over the utter lack of coverage by our western media. I saw a few sentences in the Guardian and the Telegraph, the Irish Post and the Globe and Mail and sure that’s it. Not enough to call substantial.

As the Christians are martyred, it is sure that Our Blessed Lord is suffering with them: for they have revelled in the Cross, and those that have been forced from this earth have now cause to rejoice with the Saints. No condemnation will stop this but our prayer must hasten and it must increase. God will not be silent.

It’s horrible enough to have to think about the unspeakable. Keep praying for it’s our only hope.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, be our salvation.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on Us.

St Charbel, hear us and pray for us.


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