Confusing the Confused

Certain moments cloud our judgement: the weather, our emotional state, whatever it is, we know it happens. Sometimes it last a minute, a second, other times a lifetime. We all know these people, or we’re one of them ourself: scattered bits of mind everywhere, rather than collected in one brain. I’m like this. I forget everything, misplace everything, don’t hear certain things I’m supposed to. Now imagine how dangerous this can be, spiritually.

If we forget to pray, we also forget humility. If we forget to pray, we do more than forget humility, also missing the great graces that come from prayer and the intercession of the saints, the help of the angels. It’s said the God protects and provides regardless of our faithfulness, and whilst this is a little bit true since He is all love: “Not one word has failed of all the good promises he gave” (1 Kings 8:56).

Prayer is the expression of our believe, the Rosary is our faith in the Blessed Mother, the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the faith of our Blessed Saviour’s Divine Mercy. So too are our offerings to the saints and our little prayers to St Anthony and St Therese, these are the words of assurance and love towards the great ones that stand before the throne of the Lamb. Now, with this little charismatic paragraph coming to an end, give me a chance to throw the sway back to where I began.

Confusion, often times if not most, really leads us off the track and into a deeper pool of misery, but often enough we never realise we’re there. Confusion doesn’t discriminate, it hits every age and physical appearance. An example of this is maths, where you go in understanding that x+x=x^2 but come out without a clue of how x=5(3-7x)/3m-12(45+4m). You start at the x+x easily enough, and naturally that’s x^2, but within ten minutes you’re in a foreign land without any recollection of how you got there nor the local language, yet we play along and pretend to understand then fail the exam (fingers pointing at me).

Faith works very similarly. We start with waking up at five in the morning, saying our prayers and getting breakfast. By “elevenses” you’re caffeine wasted and ready to lay down for an hour or two, then you forget all about the only Mass your parish offers that Saturday vigil, or you forget about Sunday and drink an ungodly sum of liquor the night before. It’s simple, yet these examples all include the wilful submission and that’s not usually clear when one is confused.

I talk about this today because I’m genuinely concerned about two things, one being the discussion around the re-admittance of the divorced to Holy Communion, and the nature of marriage itself. You know the details, and if you don’t please see here and here.

We need to pray, pray for Cardinal Kasper and for His Holiness the Pope. There’s the number one priority. Prayer.


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