The stars are cast down at His command

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to make a post, because life has truly been awfully busy and full of events since.

Today is the Sunday next before Advent, and as such, in the Ordinary Form and in the Anglo-Catholic world it is the feast of Christ the King. It is good to remember what, exactly, a king truly is.

Christ’s kingship is truly different to the monarchy of today, and has a different essence but similar purpose of that to Her Majesty. Christ’s kingship is “de facto”, and He is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. From Him all blessings flow: He is the King of the Universe, our sovereign. While there have been many kings and queens to precede Queen Elizabeth, there has been non to precede nor succeed Christ, since he is eternal.

What does a king do? If you were to sit in front of a crowd of little children and ask, I’m sure you’d get a few colourful answers but in fact, a king’s role is to provide, care, and govern. Our Lord loves us, he knows our hearts, and he is always in control. The stars of the sky are cast down at his command, the sun and moon rise and set at his word. A beautiful image.

Regardless of the assaults Satan sets against us, there He is: Our Lord, who died for us and rose again, defeating death. This is what this solemnity celebrates, that is, Christ’s regal and divine kingship. I am not a theologian, and if there are any inaccuracies please forgive me. I pray there isn’t.

As it is the last Sunday before the beginning of Advent, remember to say your Rosary for the fruits of the next liturgical year, a return to orthodoxy amongst the hierarchy, and reverence and piety in each and every Mass throughout the world. Mary is our Queen, the Queen of the Universe: the mother of the King.


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