The Divine Will

The Holy Season of Christmas is still lingering in it’s liturgical, rather than secular affect. I haven’t had much time over the Christmas holidays to make a blog post, and now I’ve got a few exams to study for so that doesn’t make matters any more better.

Two days ago I applied to University for to get a Bachelors of Philosophy. Please say a prayer that I get accepted. My next step after that would be to meet the vocations director and to see if it is in the divine Will that I be ordained a priest. However, what wasn’t in the Divine Will I’m sure is the fatal attack by terrorists on the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo. Regardless of whether you disagree or agree with their mocking of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, say a prayer for the repose of the souls who have completed their earthly life. Heaven and Hell are the realities we are often now so afraid to remember, afraid that we’ll die at the very thought of what Hell or Heaven and Purgatory are even like.

Our Lady of Hope, ora pro nobis!


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