The Replacements

I am happy to announce that I’ve been accepted into University for a bachelors in Philosophy, during which I intend to apply to seminary. Thank you to those who prayed for me.

There’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now, and I’d say now is the time to propose it. I look at this generation, and you see the lack of religiosity and the lack of faith, a growth of disbelief and paganistic replacements of Almighty God. It’s said that two-thirds of teenagers don’t believe in God, and think reality television is more important. Are you frightened yet? Along with this, we see the growth of sub cultures which in description, I believe we can reduce the ‘culture’ to ‘cult’, as many of these cliques have that feel of ultimate obedience and that “anyone outside us is against us.” Marijuana legalisation, the same-sex marriage bandwagon, urban gangs, the “gender theory” crew, the open minded obstinates, etc.

I love my clothes, my fashion, the deals on ASOS, but I know there’s a limit to how indulgent I should be in what I enjoy. Secularism tells us we need to indulge in order to be happy, that there’s no God but our own devices and that we need to keep up with the crowd or else, if we’re left behind, we’ll be miserable and we won’t be able to feed our ego. Life is just life, we have found a replacement for the religion that our human nature craves. So many young people are lost in confusion, they don’t know what to believe, who to look at, and so they give up, and the adults in the world are doing nothing so far to help that. We have the radical anarchist graduated and teaching in our primary schools, a feminist who of course believes in nothing but her emotional convictions teaching Social Justice and Kantian Ethics at a religiously blurred college remaining unnamed.

I am not an expert, and I love my many friends who helped me apply to get into university and helped me pass math last year, and helped me through exam seasons. I couldn’t ask for a better group when I go for a road trip or following the soccer team as they play against a school three hours away. But the world needs prayers. Our youth need prayers. Individualism is the religion, and in that they’re all the same.